Year of Pleasures #39

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The faces Becky makes when she tries new foods.

Bananas are gross

Becky is not a puree girl, so we’re doing a very loose “baby led weaning”, meaning we cut up tiny chunks of soft (but not mushy) food, and we let her get as much as she can into her mouth. Unlike every baby in¬†existence, she ¬†prefers vegetables to fruits, and she completely rejects the most basic of baby foods, the banana. She makes a face like the one above, spits it out, and grunts at us.

Give this girl brocolli, green beans, and frozen peas in a mesh feeder (great for teething) , and she will grin the entire time.


Becky's first food

Mesh feeder

Also handy in a pinch: mounds of fabric. Yum?

At grandmas

For the most part, she is still a boobie baby though. We’ve made it to 7 months, and she is obviously thriving. Her sisters made it to 21 and 22 months, so we’re in no rush. Maybe this time we’ll break the two year mark.


3 Responses to Year of Pleasures #39

  1. I love seeing fluff in pictures! We’re using disposables while we’re in Brazil, and I can’t wait to get home and start using cloth again.

  2. Kelly B says:

    She is so precious.
    Gobble up those cheeks and chubby thighs just once for me ;o)

  3. Hil says:

    A lurker here…. I was just starting to look into the baby led weaning. My 5 month old throws himself at our food, and though I haven’t giving him any yet, this idea interests me. So some research for me, thanks!

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