Some black cats are lucky.

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Goodbye sweet Bubba Cat.

Thank you for always being such a good listener,
Goodbye Bubba Cat

for being so gentle with my babies, even when they dressed you up in ribbons,
Oh the indignity

and yanked on your tail, ears, and fur,

for watching over then when they were little,
Rarrr huge cat

and playing with them when they got bigger.

Thank you for being patient when we gave you funny haircuts,
screw you

and for being so fluffy and cuddly the rest of the time.
32 weeks

The first weekend you stayed with us, on a “short visit” that turned into five years, you escaped out a basement window, and I was so worried that you would not know where to come home to, and that you were scared and hungry. It turned out you were under the back deck (we fished you out with a can of tuna three days later, after hearing your rare meows) and you have been permenantly underfoot ever since. You were reclusive when people were around -always sleeping in boxes of fabric, and getting shut in closets – but also a permenant fixture on the back of the couch, purring in my ear while I knit.


We love you Bubba, and we are so sad to say goodbye.

Goodbye Bubba Cat

*We made the decision today to put Bubba to sleep. She was an “old” cat, probably between 10 and 15, and had stopped eating, drinking and purring. I spent last night holding her and telling her all of these things, and it wasn’t until this morning that she gave me a quiet meow and looked at me while nussling my hand. We made the right decision, but it’s still really, really hard.

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  1. Chance says:

    I will miss you too Bubba. You were so much like my Suki that ran off (or whatever) and there will be a huge hole when we come to visit your house. Thank you for letting Ean love on you, even though you didn’t really like him. I will always remember how you slammed your head into our hands to get a REALLY good pat.

    *hugs* and love.

  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry. I’ve had to say goodbye to a few pets and it IS really really hard. I hope whatever it is you do to say goodbye brings you comfort.

  3. Meghan says:

    Oh Bubba, we’ll always remember you as the cat who had a tail and scared Abby, you’ll have a blast at the tuna buffet in the sky. xoxoxoxox

  4. FireMom says:

    Oh :(

    Sending more love.

    And now I miss my cat at my parents’ house. :(

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