And on.

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I don’t know what to say about November, other than that I am glad it is over. It was only suiting that, after one of the most trying months in recent memory, I missed posting yesterday. I thought about it at 11:30pm, when I was sitting in the bathroom with the light off and the (very loud) vent fan running so I couldn’t hear Becky crying as Tom tried to get her to fall asleep, but decided that I was better off staying put, taking deep breaths, and just letting the minutes pass. And lo, at 12:03, she finally stopped crying, and fell asleep next to her father. I slept alone for the first time in a month, and woke up at 3 happy to go in and cuddle with my hungry baby. “It’s December” I whispered, and she gripped onto my shirt as she nursed, holding on so I could not get away again.

3 Responses to And on.

  1. FireMom says:

    Oh sweetie. I want to come cuddle you now.

  2. Chance says:

    seriously. If you do not have a new baby, and I have some one to take the boys, next November we are going to go somewhere for a week and hide. Even if it is the hotel 6 in Boise.

  3. Kait says:

    Did you sleep in the bathroom?? lol

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