What’s one more day?

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Goodness, a week of birthday celebrations had wiped me out. We decided this year we were not going to do a big party in an attempt to keep it simple. Three small celebrations later (our weekly playgroup, grandma’s and grandpa’s) and I have already put out the word: next year everyone shows up at one place at one time, or they miss out. I have a post half hashed out for Ella today, but Becky is sleeping in 15 minute increments (and has been the last few nights) so enjoy Ella’s birthday interview, in which she is distracted by Polly Pocket, and Alice practically hands me a book on sibling rivalry and says “You’ll want to brush up on this, this is only the beginning.”

Ella is five, birthday interview from Ivy mae on Vimeo.

Also, at 3:30, you get to see Ella picking up toys with her toes. My genes are alive and well, thank you.

3 Responses to What’s one more day?

  1. Kaitlin says:

    LOL… “That’s not going to happen…” I totally say that about 15 times a day. I just love your girls.

  2. That was awesome! Birthday interviews are such a great idea. I need to start doing that, too. Oh, and Gabi heard Ella’s voice from the living room and ran over, “Who’s that? Who’s that?” and watched the whole thing with me. And then Alice’s. She thinks your girls are pretty cool :)

  3. Carly says:

    Haha, Alice is too much! “Thaaaaat’s not going to happen.”

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