Chicken update: loud

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A friend of a friend recently asked me excitedly about having chickens, and it was only after a few minutes of complaining about my really loud, annoying chicken that I realized I was probably turning her off of having chickens of her own. “Err.. but the other five are great. And the eggs… Yay?” And really, for the most part, having chickens has been easy. We’ve been lucky not to deal with predators, we get more eggs than we can eat, even their poop is composting down to add to our garden this year. But man. That chicken.

Or rather, this chicken.

DITL 1/15/11

Now, some chicken noise is to be expected. Clucking, chattering, talking chickens. Right after they lay an egg it’s not unusual for them to do the “Dinner’s ready!” call, but otherwise, their noise is background sound. But this hen has taken it upon herself to be the rooster in the absence of an actual rooster, and … well, listen.

She doesn’t stop She screams at dawn, she screams at noon, she screams at dusk. I turned to the chicken forums a while ago to ask about it, and everyone agreed: either get a rooster, or make soup. In one older thread someone recommended segregating her and giving her a week to break, so today Tom and I broke out the old brooder and threw her in there alone. Chicken jail, for unruly behavior. The next step if she’s still screaming will be to offer her on craigslist, and then, if all else fails, we have a traffic cone. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

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  1. FireMom says:

    I read the cone post. Fascinating and horrifying all at once.

    I couldn’t handle that noise.

  2. Kaitlin says:

    Last summer I went to an organic turkey farm and they gave my Dad pointers on killing his chickens without the use of a cone. They hung the chicken upside down then put the knife into their mouth and slit their throat that way. WAY less mess and he just hung there from the tree, tied by his feet of course for about 5 minutes with hardly any splatter. I guess when they’re hanging upside down they don’t fight? Good luck either way!

  3. Chance says:

    Chicken jail made me lol.

    My friend Brenda made an awesome chicken pen thing that I have been meaning to tell you about for a few weeks and now is as good as ever. It is about 5 foot long, 3 foot tall, 2 and a half feet wide, made from chicken wire and wood, with a hutch at one end and a few perches. The cool part is it has no bottom, just wheels mounted to the 4 corners and in the middle, so she pushes it around their yard in the summer and lets the hens plow up the ground here and there and then scoots it a few feet every few days. lol, no chicken wrangling after letting them free range! no cleaning the bottom of a super poopy pen (just the hutch)! no chickens in the lettuce! lol, needless to say I was impressed. heck even I think I could have a chicken or 2 that way.

  4. If that was my loud hen, I would probably chop her head off and make some soup. :)

    I grew up on a small farm and remember the process of killing and cleaning our chickens VERY well. I was not at all traumatized by the experience… it actually gave me more respect for the foods that we eat. You see, all of our chickens had names and we fed and played with them. You might think that would be weird for a child to help pull the feathers from or eat later but it was nice to know that our chickens had a great life and then fed us. Circle of life.

    I wish you luck in your chicken adventure!!

  5. Chelsea says:

    silly chicken. now, what to do with overly noisy children…? +Chelsea

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