Year of pleasures #9

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Singing to my babies, and having them sing back to me.

It’s a nice respite in the week (month? year?) of screaming we’re in the midst of. This age comes with so many joys, and so many frustrations, for both of us. Becks wants what she WANTS and she wants it NOW. And, after a night or two of limited sleep and days of little-to-no breaks from the crying, I feel the same way. These sweet moments need to be counted, recorded, and reviewed, otherwise I may forget anything beautiful happened during these long stretches of struggle. Today, Becky sang on my shoulder for 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes will keep me going through the night.
(And then she better do something pretty darn cute in the morning, because otherwise, TO THE WOLVES.)

2 Responses to Year of pleasures #9

  1. Sara Collins says:

    I have to tell you that you have a gift for recording these moments. This is so incredibly precious!

  2. That video is precious! So so sweet. We have moments like that, too, amid the screaming and tantrum throwing. It really is a rough age.

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