Year of Pleasures #10

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My handy handy husband. I was complaining one day about not having a place to start seeds (or rather, about all the seed starts on my desk, which is also where I sew, facebook and pile things when I do not know what to do with them), and then left to go run errands. An hour later I came home to a triple decker seed starting castle, made out of an old cabinet, a broken countertop, spare lumber and a couple elbow brackets. Since I took this picture he’s also built me a riser system to raise the seeds up to the lights and lower them as they grow.

Seed starting

Becky helped.

Becky loves powertools

Now that I had these amazing space to start seeds, I’ve been going a bit overboard. This is what I am starting this year so far, but I can’t stop scanning seed stands and am fairly certain this list will grow. Tom is doubling our garden space this year, and I’ve promised extra starts to friends, so I’m not overthinking it (much).

planting peas

We also started planting out this week, though we probably jumped the gun on that one. We planted our snow peas, onions and beets, with the intention of just planting them again in a few weeks if nothing sprouts. Like I said: I have a few extra seeds.

And since we are so hungry for spring right now, we’ve also ushered it in with Hawaiian dresses and picnics. So what if it is 35 degrees outside?

Little ducks in a row

First picnic day of 2011

Dear winter: I’m done with you.

4 Responses to Year of Pleasures #10

  1. Deb says:

    The four blonds–what a great photo! :)

  2. Um, WOW. That’s such a cool shelf system! You’re making me really REALLY want to move out of the city so I can have some space for a garden.

  3. Elizabeth Filip says:

    I love the picture of the four girls! we have boys, so we are staring at baseball bats and gloves, but I totally get it. Warm spring wishes to you!

  4. Sharon says:

    Love the dresses and Becky’s hat.

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