High above the chimney tops

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Ella recently started asking to learn to play the¬†ukulele, and¬†after watching a handful of Victoria Vox‘s youtube videos, and I’m thinking I will learn along with her.

Ella has not seen The Wizard of Oz yet, but immediately fell in love with “Somewhere over the rainbow” after seeing this video (mixed in with another of our favorite songs). She begs me to sing it constantly, but it has been raining here for weeks, Becky’s birthday is coming up on Friday (*sob*), I’m struggling with being an adult child in a family I feel very far away from, and right now I’m more likely to sing “No body loves me, everybody hates me, I’ll just go eat worms” than showtunes. But then a little voice will trickle in from the other room, singing about troubles melting like lemon drops, and like a little prism she takes ordinary old sunlight and reminds me there are rainbows everywhere, if I will just look.



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