One trip around the sun

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The story of Becky’s birth is, in some ways, very straight forward – after a week of “false” labor due to her positioning, she was born at home, in water, into my arms. Chelsea caught these beautiful pictures, and they say so much more than my words can right now.

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

Becky's birth, from Chelsea

The longer version still needs to be written. I have the rough, straight out of my head, 3 days postpartum version over here (and videos here), but I’ve been trying for a month to rewrite it, and have a mental block. Surely… surely Becky can’t be one yet. I don’t know if I have even been this bone deep sad about one of my kids getting older – I miss their baby days, but I also look forward to their growing independence and all the discoveries four, five, six, and beyond will bring. But the idea that Becky will be… is… no longer my tiny baby has caught me off guard, and I’m not quite ready to admit it.

I swear it went twice this fast.

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  1. Meghan says:

    I love how she gets chunkier and chunkier in the photos :) super cute, yay momma! you did it! In some cultures they would only name your baby today as her survival of a year would have been a miracle, but Becky is so much more than a miracle! and since there is never any doubt of her surviving and thriving with a great mom like you Congrats on the one year milestone of your birthing day!

  2. FireMom says:

    Well, I’m weeping and she isn’t my baby.

    Happy birthday to you all.

  3. Such sweet pictures. Such a tiny baby face and feet compared to now, lol. Her one-year-old thighs are seriously to die for.

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