2 x 2 is chicken.

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While Ang was here, I stole her (non-apple, thus ripable) MP3 player and downloaded almost 2 gigs of silly, nostalgic music. Her college PC has been dead since 2003 or so, so every song she recently scavenged from it smacks of that time and place. This playlist is aptly named “Drive to Portland at 11pm on a Wednesday”, and it makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs, going 80 mph down the freeway, towards something big, something bright.

3 Responses to 2 x 2 is chicken.

  1. Heee. Bran Van 3K !! Also “My name is Jonas!” 😀 Jonas squeals with glee when I play/sing that to him. Unrelated.. he also LOLz when I say “EEeeeva, WALL-E” 😛

    Yay for nostalgic happy music!

  2. chance says:

    I have 2 cds that you made me in like 2002 that I swear are labeled *driving music* and are almost all those songs. lol, have you been stealing music from Angie that long?! :p

  3. Ang says:

    YAY for finding my name! YAYYYYYYYmore for 2×2 is chicken!!

    RE: Chance’s ? — You totally HAVE been stealing music from me for that long. One might even dare to say 2001!

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