Little house update: now with a deck. (OH YEAH.)

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Behold, the amazing four day deck:

day 1
10am Thursday, after Tom had started working and I yelled “WE NEED A BEFORE PICTURE”.

Day 1
Thursday, end of day. That chair that is acting as a step down is probably safer than the flimsy stoop we’ve been using for a year, in the left foreground.

Day 2
Friday, it kind of looks like a deck!

day 3

Deck finished(ish)

Deck finished(ish)
9pm Sunday, those stairs took longer than most of the other work combined.

Okay, it’s obviously not 100% finished, but I sat out there and had a glass of wine last night, which was impossible on the clapboard stoop that has served us as a way into the backyard for a year. Tom put on fascia board along the front steps/side today and finished up some detail work,  but the arbor and front deck may not happen for another couple weeks. Tom took three extra days off this last week to tack onto his three-day-weekend, and we had hoped to have both the back AND front decks completely finished by today, but between all three girls having a lingering stomach flu (every time we think it is over, here it comes again), and fighting for every scrap of sunshine, it just didn’t work out.

Deck finished(ish)

Day 2

Day 2

Day 3

Deck finished(ish)

Poor Tom needs a vacation to recover from his vacation, but instead he is gearing up for multiple out of town conferences this month, and general chaos at work. He and Mike saved us an amazing amount of money by doing the job themselves (and buying the composite decking at a great price), so I’m not complaining… too much. I am eyeballing the stack of lumber and decking in my drive way and talking myself down from trying to build the front deck myself now that I have seen how it is done.

Because if I can get that deck done, Tom can start putting on the siding, right?!
Siding, trim and deck!

4 Responses to Little house update: now with a deck. (OH YEAH.)

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see it! Tell Tom he did a great job!

  2. What a great job he did! Though I shouldn’t be surprised after seeing all of the other amazing things he’s done to your house.

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