Jumping forward in time.

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alice is 4

She still refuses to grow up past 5, but four is okay, since four is when she can go to the Nutcracker with Grandma, learn to write her name, and maybe drive a car. I nixed the last one, but if i were you I would hide the carkeys when we come over.

alice is 4

12 May 1996 – Ellen Doré Watson

Yes, we can loll here for six more chapters, before— yes,
waffles, yes you can stay naked all day or until you think
you need clothes, yes to butter on the video popcorn today
and me beside you for not just the scary parts, then yes
to a rain- walk, yes, even to the culvert rushing water and
the long way home, yes to candles with dinner, yes to no
lettuce, yes, I’ll save the opera and switch to jazz, yes—
a bath bead?— take two, and yes I will sing the song, yes,
just this once, three times.



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