Still standing. Well, sitting. Laying down mostly.

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I keep waiting to have a good day, so I could post and say “Never mind about that last post, the second trimester finally hit and now I’m woooooooonderful!” but, um, that hasn’t happened. I’m really struggling to post anything else about this because I feel like such a whiner, and really self conscious about admitting it all. I keep thinking of the scene in How I Met Your Mother, where Lily admonishes Marshall for telling people she is throwing up, because as soon as you TELL someone this, they can’t help but imagine you DOING it. All of you! Stop imagining me throwing up!

To answer some questions: we’ve tried everything. Thank you for your suggestions, but please, know I have spend hundreds of hours, and dollars, trying everything out there. I am always happy to hear the unusual ones, but if you take a look around the Helpher or Mothering forums and see it mentioned there, I’ve probably tried it. Yes, even that. And that. I love that people want to support me and give me tips on what has worked for them, but I am having a hard time gracefully declining suggestions I’ve already tried (and which has failed for me) lately. I’m walking that line between acceptance and utter depression, and most of the time I just try to act like nothing is wrong, because focusing on this too much makes it hard to focus on anything else. And I still have some amazing things in my life that need my attention.

Us. And dishes mountain. Oops.

Not those dishes in the background though. Thank god for a patient and loving husband who doesn’t mind doing dishes (and cooking, and laundry, and basically keeping the house standing lately).

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  1. Melissa says:

    hi…i’m a reader from Malaysia. Found you on Flipboard. I had HG throughout my first pregnancy, delivered a beautiful baby girl, and forgot all about the horror of the pregnancy. Now am 10 weeks into my2nd pregnancy. It’s not as bad as the first time…and I guess I’m grateful for that but I still find myself struggling.

    Just want you to know that I’ve been praying so hard for you since I read your last post… For strength and comfort and most of all that the vomiting STOPS! God bless you, sweetheart and you husband and the kids.

  2. Michelle Y says:

    Have you tried ginger? What about papaya seed extract? Peppermint tea?

    I know, not funny…:) I do love the picture of you and the girls though! And you have readers in Malaysia! And you’re on Blogher! Are you getting famous?!

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