DITL, Ultrasound Edition

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DITL: Day in the Life. Carry around a camera all day and record the mundane, because someday it will be significant. A history of our DITL’s can be found here.


It’s a Tuesday, and Tom is home because we have an appointment later. He lets me sleep in, so by the time I am upstairs the kids have had breakfast and are watching Jimmy Neutron. I have to start getting ready ASAP, since Mike is coming over to watch the kids soon.


Oh hey Sexy. Let’s see what 20 minutes of child free time can do…


Much better.


20 weeks pregnant! In some ways it feels like it has taken forever to get here (yes, still sick, blech), and then I realize I am half way through my last pregnancy. Can we slow down a bit more?


The kids zoom around on bikes, so ready for it to be spring soon. Too bad there is a foot of snow outside.


I spend some time with Facebook, and stalk a friend hoping to go into labor today.


Papa is here, so we wave to the girls as we leave. Try not to dump Becky on her head, thanks!


Waiting waiting waiting








Baby toes!


Tom and I go out to eat to celebrate a healthy baby. We decided not to find out the sex, even though when the tech asked if we wanted to know we both wavered for a minute.


Home again, home again. Tom makes lunch for the kids, and I zone out on facebook again. Friend is still not in labor, but is looking like she qualifies for an induction tonight, so we cross our fingers.


Tom puts Becky down for a nap, and then falls asleep on the couch. Aww.


The girls have ‘quiet time’, which involves a game about being spies who are hiding on the side of a mountain.


When everyone wakes up Tom suggests we to go the store to buy deicer. And candy. Because.


This is why Becky is never allowed to get out of the cart when it is just me. Come on kid, stop pulling small appliances off the shelves.


Then the post office…


And home. So tired. Not feeling good. Thrown up 4 times today (will be 6 by night’s end), and kind of over moving.


Ella mans the camera and takes pictures of the cat, and the non-seedlings. Sprout already!



I roll off the couch to check email, and eat a cucumber. Which is gross.


Tom makes dinner, and then the kids help clean the house. I excuse myself early and sit down at the computer again. Sometimes distracting my brain is the best way to ignore my angry body.


We find out that my friend is being induced overnight, with the big stuff starting in the morning. I raise a chunk of Lindt chocolate in her honor. (She had baby at 4pm, on Leap Day!)


Tom puts all the girls to bed, and I lay on the couch and watch TV.


And then I fall into bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  3. Sharon says:

    Sorry to hear the vomiting continues. :o( You look great, though. I love the “side of the mountain” play. So cute.

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