Where every leaf is a flower

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I just wrote an entire entry about how frustrating today was, but really, it was just bits and pieces that colored the rest of a very good day. It’s like this a lot really, and I am trying (continually trying) to define our days by the successes, not the failures.

Some days it is easier than others.

Fall 2008
(Fall leaf festival 2008. Compare with 2007. I like my hair more this year.)

Ps – I’m messing around themes, so hopefully I don’t break the blog.

2 Responses to Where every leaf is a flower

  1. What beautiful pictures!! How wonderful! They came out beautifully! Who took those pictures?

  2. mamasphere says:

    I was thinking when I saw the picture that your hair is looking really good!

    Love those dresses and tights. Your girls are always wearing the cutest things. And the leaves! *sigh* To be back in a place where the leaves fall from the trees. A palm frond falling from the sky just isn’t the same.

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