Equal parts hope and dirt.

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Things I have learned in the last few years of gardening:

Planning a garden in March makes it a little easier to be patient through days on end of rain and gloom. The sun will come out soon… maybe.

Gardening may be as much an art as a science, but learning the rules and the reasons behind them before you start breaking them is smart.

Garden 2012

Start your plants earlier than you expect to have to. In our area, if you wait until it is nice enough to think about gardening, you’ve waited too long.

Garden 2012

Keep a list of your seeds, otherwise you end up buying the same packet of seeds multiple times because they are just that cool.

Garden 2012

Have a plan for what you intend to do with each plant once it’s ripe, otherwise you end up with a lot of delicious chicken food. Also, you need more Roma tomatoes than you would believe to make a season’s worth of tomato sauce.

Label your starts, because seedlings all look the same when they are 1/2″ tall.

Garden 2012

Use what you have, where you have it. It does’t have to be pretty to get the job done.

Garden 2012


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