Year of Pleasures #I have no idea

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In my blog neglect, I never finished last year’s Year of Pleasures series. I am reviving it, but without a set goal (previously it was one per week). These are simply the things that bring me joy.

Every Sunday morning, we do not go to a house of worship, but we do go to the YMCA and swim until our fingers are pruney. I look forward to this time all week, since it’s one of the few times we can just play as a family – there are not any projects to finish, plans to make, or housework waiting to be done. Just swimming.

Pool Pictures

Pool Pictures

Pool Pictures

Pool Pictures
Brave, brave, brave Alice. She is not a natural water baby, but saw the pictures of her sister and friends underwater, and wanted one as well. You can see her fighting her fear, and winning.

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  1. Your kids are going to have such wonderful memories of their childhood!

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