Good fences make good neighbors (and keep me from kicking my dog)

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Reason # 306737 I will keep Tom around: my new garden fence!

Garden fence: finished!

The last two years we have struggled with animals in the garden. The chickens treated it like their very own buffet
Garden, in decline

and Lily took great pleasure in digging in the soft, tilled dirt. I couldn’t blame her (much), since she is a terrier, and she saw us digging all the time, but it was incredibly frustrating to spend months nurturing these plants, only to come out one morning and find them torn apart.


We tried a series of cheap fences and deterrents, but never found anything that actually kept the animals out.

So, a couple weekends ago we drew up plans, made a “quick” trip (no such thing with three kids) to Home Depot,

Building a garden fence

Building a garden fence

and spent two rainy weekends sinking posts, and slowly putting up panel by panel. And by “we”, I mean Tom, while I tried to distract the kids while not moving too much.

Building a garden fence

Building a garden fence
(Each panel is independent, so we can remove them if we need to make repairs to the beds, bring in the wheelbarrow, etc)

Building a fence

Garden fence complete(ish)

This last weekend was finally nice enough to stain the wood and put on the finishing touches (two pergolas for beans to climb!), so we are calling it officially done. Take that lower life forms! Go dig somewhere else!

Now to grow up our herb forest to transplant, and to stop overthinking my garden plans. Me? Over think the garden? Who would have thought.
Herb forest

6 Responses to Good fences make good neighbors (and keep me from kicking my dog)

  1. Christine says:

    I’m so envious of your awesome garden space!

  2. Ami says:

    The fence looks great! Is that one bed a hoop house?

    Also, if I had just read through the entire archives of this blog & totally loved it & wanted to send you an email, would that be okay? Except I couldn’t find an email address anywhere, so maybe you prefer simple, complimentary comments to longer gushy emails. In which case, here’s one: Your blog is amazing. Thank you for putting it out there for all those years.

  3. I don’t know what it is about men building fences, but I find it incredibly sexy, lol. My husband re-did our patio fence, and every time I look at it I burst with pride at my man’s handiness. Though it’d be great if it extended beyond fences. Of which yours look sooo good!

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