I grabbed you baby like a wild pitch

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Is it luck that directs us to the people who will catch us when we stumble, or even more, who encourage us to jump?


Today is both Father’s Day, and Tom and I’s 5th anniversary. And he is 2,487 miles away. It would take 41 hours to drive there, 770 hours to walk. And there have been days in the last few weeks that I have been tempted to put on my shoes. I’ll write more about the adventure of solo-parenting three kids under 7, for three weeks, while 35 weeks pregnant soon (assuming I survive), but today I am mostly just marveling that 7 years ago Tom held me tight and jumped with me, and that 5 years ago he stood up in front of all of our friends and agreed to catch me when I fell. I joke a lot that the universe loves Tom, but when i consider my good luck in falling in love with him, I can’t help but feel loved by the universe too.

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  1. Meghan says:

    YAY Love!

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