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In this gift may you find, Strength to leave your fears behind.
Comfort to know that others care, and wisdom in the words they share.
This handmade gift stitched for you, holds a prayer of faith so true.
May angel wings from up above, Touch your heart with gracious love.

Tiny things knit for Sam

A stack of tiny knit things, both from my own needles and those of friends, waiting for Sam. When my mom passed away, followed closely in years by my aunt and grandmother, I worried that my kids would not have baby blankets and knit hats to carry with them into adulthood. I don’t know what I was worried about now. Between my sister, my mother in law, Tom’s grandmother, and my generous friends, none of my babies have been bereft of things knit, sewn, quilted, and embroidered with love.

Now, Sam, you just need to come out and try them all on.

2 Responses to Purling

  1. KRIS says:

    lovely! that blanket from your sister is amazing! and i love the owl sweaters.

  2. Chance says:

    Alice’s blanket is still the most fabulous thing I have ever made. So so glad I made it for her. :) I came across the start of Becky’s yesterday…. lol, maybe I should get it finished before we come up?!

    Oh sam, perhaps by the time you are 3 I will have yours started? <3

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