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All day long Tom and I have been walking past each other and saying “Seven!” and then shaking our heads in disbelief. Seven! Ella is seven! I don’t remember anything from being two, and very little about being five, but I remember everything about being seven. How did my tiny, mewing newborn become someone who will potentially remember this day for the next 80some years? If that is the case, I hope she remembers these things about today:

When I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she said “An Egyptologist, a chef, a writer, a midwife, a sculptor, and a mom. I think you will need to live with me to take care of my babies, I am going to be busy.”

When we went around the table at dinner and said what we love about her (a birthday tradition), Becky said she loved Ella because she smells good, and proceeded to lick her.

When Alice realized that, despite now being 5, she could not read, Ella comforted her and promised to start teaching her tomorrow.

Ella spent a large portion of the day with her nose in her new Kindle, and finished two Magic Tree House’s, and a Judy Moody. She’s thanked Tom and I at least 20 times.

After dinner, when we were all “caked” out (4 cakes in two days), we dared each other to do a faceplant in it, and laughed our heads off in the process.

cake! from Ivy mae on Vimeo.

I hope she remembers how many times I told her today how proud of her I am, how much she lights up our days, how excited I am to see her grow up, and very, very lucky I am to be her mom. I meant it every time.

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  1. Meghan says:

    She is amazing, and I don’t doubt her ambitions! Happy Birthday Ella you are the smartest, kindest, most thoughtful and selfless 7 year old I know!

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