I'm a 'natural' apparently.

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I’m working on the questions (keep ’em coming!) but wanted to share this site with you in the mean time.


I remember finding this site six or so years ago, when D and I were still dating. I was impressed by it, and he was annoyed by my chatter about it. The idea that we are all trying to express our individuality by adopting a group identity is kind of amazing though, isn’t it? It solidifies the idea that we can not identify ourselves by what we present to the world, because no matter how unique we are trying to be, our outside appearance can never reflect just how different we each are. I found this site again today, and it was a keen reminder that clothes and hair do not make a person – words and actions do.

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  1. sara says:

    I guess that I am not enlightened enough to understand the website. 😉

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