She has her mother's penmanship

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Around Ella’s second birthday, she had a huge language explosion. She went from having only a handful of grunty words, to using two and three word sentences, almost overnight. I’m guessing there is a similar language explosion around the third birthday, since lately Ella can not get enough of letters. She’s known the alphabet for a while, but in a passive ‘sing the alphabet while we brush our teeth’ kind of way. But in the last few weeks she has started asking how things are spelled, sounding out words, and today yelled “Hey mom, how do I spell my name?” and then did it. Twice.

Ella writes her name from Ivy mae on Vimeo.


7 Responses to She has her mother's penmanship

  1. Kassie says:

    She’s so smart! I especially love the 14 lines on the E’s… 😉

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  2. madly_scarlett says:

    *dies of cute overload*

    My Ella was putting tons of lines on her capital “E” there for awhile too. It was like the more lines on the E, the fancier the writing. One day I mentioned to her that there were three horizontal lines on a capital “E” and now she methodically goes back and counts the three lines before she proceeds with the rest of her name.

  3. chelsea says:

    beautiful! before you know it she’ll be writing in verse.

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  4. Kelly says:

    way to go Ella!
    they are growing up too fast\!

  5. wow that is amazing! I’m student teaching in a first grade room, and a lot of my first graders writing isn’t far from that…

  6. Rachel says:

    Awww :-)

    I like how her E’s have 2 inside pieces and the As were both way up high.

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